Picture make-ups scheduled

Make-ups for students who were not able to get their school picture taken on the first two days of school are scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 23. and re-takes are set for Friday, Oct. 6. 

Senior Quick Shoots for 12th-graders to be in the yearbook are Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 4 and 5.

Club Information Day Friday, Aug. 16

On Friday, Aug. 18, ASB will sponsor Club Information Day in the Quad area next to the Senior Mound. Every club will share a table with another club to register new or returning students. The Classes of 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021 will get a full table because of the annual Class Penny Competition. FFA, Rally Club, and Circle of Friends will also be given a full table.

College Wear Wednesdays and Baler Wear Fridays Kick Off

 Starting this week, San Benito High School is kicking off our “College Wear” Wednesdays and “Baler Wear” Fridays. We encourage staff members to wear a shirt/sweatshirt that represents any post-secondary educational institution. Universities, colleges, trade schools, apprenticeships, community colleges and military branches are all encouraged.

Check out our Facebook page for more photos of staff showing their college pride.



Back to School Night - August 23rd

This year we are holding our Back to School Night on August 23rd, starting at 5:30PM. Guests will have a chance to visit every one of their student's classrooms, where teachers will give a brief presentation on course expectations, grading systems, and preferred communication methods.Please come join us for this opportunity to get to know more about your student's school day.

Congratulations to our Academic Top 10 Seniors!

Joshua Harris will attend UC Santa Barbara and major in Physics.

Santana Rodriguez, Valedictorian, will attend UCLA and major in Biology. 

Marco Gaitan will attend Cal Poly, majoring in Electrical Engineering.

Diana Sanchez Ruiz will be attending UC Berkeley majoring in Chemical Engineering.

Emily Bishop will attend UCLA with a double major in History and English.

Colleen Maresh, Salutatorian, will attend Cal Poly, and major in Aerospace Engineering.

Jake Edvenson will be attending BYU majoring in Electrical Engineering.

Ray Flores will be attending UCLA and will be majoring in history.

Lauren Klauer will be attending Georgetown University majoring in Political Science.

Marissa Santiago will attend UC Santa Barbara majoring in Physics.


Baler Strong Recipients

On behalf of the San Benito High School Administrative Team, we are proud to announce the latest recipients of the Baler Strong Award. This recognition goes to exceptional staff members who make a difference daily in the lives of our students, staff and families.

Mr. Ben Pang: Mathematics Teacher,     Ms. Gloria McConnell: Instructional Aide,     Ms. Jill Ichien: Instructional Aide,     Ms. Lorena Fernandez: Substitute Teacher, Interim Career Center Specialist,     Mr. Tim Pipes: Counselor,     Mr. Mario Prado: AVID Teacher,     Ms. Monica Perez: Food Service Assistant. Click the Read More link for further accolades.