DACA renewal deadline is Oct. 5

DACA permits set to expire between September 5, 2017 and March 5, 2018 must be renewed by October 5, 2017. For resources and information regarding DACA renewal applications and application financial assistance, go to //acsa.org/undocumented.

Are you prepared to renew your DACA application by the October 5, 2017 deadline? Information on how to get financial aid and application assistance can be found at //acsa.org/undocumented.

There are 230,000 DACA recipients residing in California. On September 5, 2017 President Trump ordered an end to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The final submission date for application renewals for DACA recipients whose permits expire between September 5, 2017 and March 5, 2018 is October 5, 2017. For resources, including information on help with DACA application renewals, information on financial assistance for DACA renewal applications, and more, go to //acsa.org/undocumented.

Here is a link to the DACA renewal countdown ticker: http://lc4daca.org/.