Campus Clubs and Groups Directory


  • Meets every Thursday morning in room 325 at 7am. ASB is the acronym for our student government and stands for Associated Student Body. Students must first fill out a petition for office and are then either elected or appointed to an ASB position. Once elected or appointed ASB officers have several requirements, they must stay academically and behaviorally eligible throughout their term of office and must enroll in Leadership and attend CASC in the summer. ASB sponsored activities which include Link Crew, BLT’s, Freshman Orientation, noon-time activities, Air Jams, Rallies, the Benefit Ball, Homecoming, Powder Puff games, Bumpfests, ASB Convention, Assemblies, and the Morp. Advisor is Catalina Lemos, 831-637-5831 ext. 325, email address is [email protected].
  • Advisor is ?
  • Meets Fridays at Lunch in room 374, new members always welcome. The purpose of the ASL (American Sign Language) Club is to connect hearing, deaf and hard-of-hearing while participating in local deaf events. ASL Club is for anyone interested in American Sign Language, as well as Deaf Culture, Events, and Community. Our fundraising supports our trips to Deaf Events at the Boardwalk, Fremont School for the Deaf, and other local Deaf Events. Advisor is Jennifer Mott, 831-637-5831 ext 374, email address is [email protected]
  • Meets Thursdays at lunch in room 476. Advisor is Mason Taylor 831-637-5831 ext. 476 and email is [email protected]
  • Meets ___ at ___ in room 375. Advisor is Rosa Morales, 831-637-5831 ext. 375, email address is [email protected]
  • Meets Thursdays at lunch in room 326. Advisor is Vicente Ramirez, 831-637-5831 ext. 326, email address is [email protected]


  • Meets ___at ___ in room ___. Advisor is Bill Johnson, 831-637-5831 ext. 243, email address is [email protected]


  • Meets ___ at ___ in room 246. Advisor is Patrick Martin, 831-637-5831 ext. 246, email address is [email protected]
  • Meets at Wednesday in after school in room 471. Advisor is Chris Fisher 831-637-5831 ext. 471, email [email protected]
  • Meets ___ at ____ in ____. Advisor is Joseph Fortino 831-637-5831 ext. 211, email [email protected]
  • Officer group meets Mondays at lunch in room 234. Friend groups meet Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday @ lunch- lunch groups meet up in room 270 and go out to have lunch with their friends. The mission of “Circle of Friends” is to establish an environment of inclusion for teens and young adults with developmental disabilities on the San Benito High School Campus as well as within their community, focusing on the understanding and acceptance of differences. We provide students the opportunity to acquire, practice and improve social/conversational skills and problem solving strategies in a natural environment in order to increase self esteem, thus leading to a more successful adult life. Back this year is the popular "Football Fridays" in which friends get to hang out with some of the SBHS football and sport athlete to enjoy activities and lunch on Fridays. Advisor is Casandra Guerrero 831-637-5831 ext. 138, email [email protected] co-advisor is Lindsey Rigby 831-637-5831 ext. 234 or [email protected]
  • Become active in your class any year or all four years. Classes are considered a very important part of our ASB. They promote school spirit and sponsor a number of healthy school competitions. Class Officers are part of our student government. Our classes compete in float competitions, air jams, pumpkin carving and even tree decorating. They compete for the spirit stick at every rally and they compete in noon activities for the privilege of flying their class flag in our quad. Being an active member of your class can enhance your entire high school experience.

    FRESHMEN CLASS meet every Thursday at lunch in room 365. The Advisors are:
    Derek Barnes, 637-5831 ext.365, [email protected]
    Juan Hernandez, 637-5831 ext.366, [email protected]

    SOPHOMORE CLASS meets Tuesdays at lunch in room 220 The Advisors are:
    Keith Gonzalez, 637-5831 ext.456, [email protected]
    Julie Carriere, 637-5831 ext.220, [email protected]

    JUNIOR CLASS meets on Thursdays, Lunch time in room 463. The Advisors are:
    Lane Bacchi, 637-5831 ext.463 [email protected]
    Ben Pang, 637-5831 ext. 458 [email protected]

    SENIOR CLASS meets Thursdays at lunch in room 293. The Advisors are:
    Amber Kearns, 637-5831 ext.293 [email protected]
    Brandon Shores, 637-5831 ext.261 [email protected]

  • Tutoring is now available from Club Ed students for $13 per hour. If you are interested, please contact:
    R. Flores- [email protected], 637.9605
    K. Foster- [email protected], 750-2375
  • Meets ___ in room ____ . The Advisor is ________, phone number is 831-637-5831 at ext. ___ or email is [email protected].
  • Meets White day Wednesdays in room 316 after school and is for students who are interested in being Costume Technicians, Special Effects, Make Up Artists and Prop Specialists. Luisa Toste is the Advisor, her phone number is 831-637-5831 at ext. 316 or email is [email protected].


  • Meets in room ___ Advisor is ____, phone number is 831-637-5831 at ext. ___ or email is [email protected].
  • Meets as needed in room 220. Advisor is Julie Carriere, phone number is 831-637-5831 at ext. 220 or email is [email protected].
  • Meets ______ in room _____. The Advisor is Katherine Foster 831-673-5831 etx. 244 and her email address is [email protected]


  • Dance Company is a highly skilled and enthusiastic group of dancers that are ready to share their talent! Inspired by a variety of genres including contemporary, jazz, and hip hop, Dance Company will have a strong performance presence in community events, rallies, dance concerts, and competitions. Through group collaboration, student choreography, and teamwork, this performance team not only fosters friendships, shares joy on campus, but also increases self confidence through the art of dance. All students are welcome to seek interest and get involved! Please see _________for details on joining this group of stars. Her phone number is 831-637-5831 at ext. ___ or email is [email protected].
  • We meet Tuesdays at lunch in room 223, and ComedySportz meets Tuesdays and Thursdays after school outside room 223. We participate in theatre productions, including ComedySportz, view plays, and promote the study of Drama. Club advisor is Kristen Porter. You can reach her at 637-5831 x 223 or [email protected]
  • Meets after school at ____ in room 222, Club advisor is Mike Schurig, phone 637-5831 x 222 or [email protected]
  • Meets Wednesdays at lunch in room 366, New members are always welcome! Club advisor is Juan Hernandez, phone 637-5831 x 366 or [email protected]


  • Fandom Club is for fans of Harry Potter, Anime, Star Wars and more. Fandom Club meets Mondays at lunch in room 479.
  • Meets Mondays at lunch in room 266, Club advisor is Tom Rooth, phone 637-5831 x 266 or [email protected]


  • Meets the second Wednesday of every month at 6pm in room Auditorium or Cafeteria. FFA is the acronym for Future Farmers of America and is a dynamic National Youth Organization, the largest youth agriculture leadership organization in the United States. FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for PREMIER LEADERSHIP, PERSONAL GROWTH and CAREER SUCCESS through agricultural education. Any student can be involved in the Hollister FFA program, whether you live in town or on a farm. However you must be enrolled in an agriculture class at SBHS (Ag Soil and Chemistry, ROP Vet Science, Sustainable Ag Biology, The Art & History of Floral Design, Advanced Center Display Ag Science for SUS Ag Honors FAIT, Ag Fabrication & Construction). Advisors are Kelly Bianchi, 831-637-5831 ext. 443, email address is [email protected] Joe Martin ext. 445 email [email protected] and Nicole Silveira at ext. 442 and email [email protected]
  • Meets___ at ___ in room ___. The advisor is Susie Alarcon 831-637-5831 ext. 221, email address is [email protected]
  • Meets every Wednesday at lunch. New members are always welcome and need not be enrolled in French. The purpose of French Club is to provide cultural enrichment through various activities and outings and to promote the study of French at San Benito High. Our fundraisers help with the costs of our field trips and our trip to France! The advisor is Michèle Lassaga 831-637-5831 ext. 191, email address is [email protected]


  • Meets ___ at ____ in Cafeteria Advisor is Laurie Chavez, 831-637-5831 ext.223 [email protected]
  • Meets on Tuesdays in room 291 at lunch. GSA is the acronym for Gay Straight Alliance, a club that encourages open-minded students to meet in a safe, inclusive environment to discuss issues and be a part of inspiring acceptance on our school campus. All students and staff are welcome to attend. Advisor is Rebecca Conklin 831-637-5831 ext. 291, email address is [email protected]
  • Gives free lessons at our club meetings, we help connect local musicians to one another so they can form bands, and we host two battles of the bands and two benefit concerts each year, featuring local talent. Recent battle winners have received professional recording sessions at Tool Shed Studios in Gilroy. A very cool club that meets on Wednesdays after school in room 266. Advisors are Tom Rooth 831-637-5831 ext. 266, email is [email protected] and Josh Radon 831-637-5831 ext. 268, email is [email protected]


  • Meets Wednesdays at lunch in room 224. Advisor is Rob Campbell 831-637-5831 ext. 220. Email address is [email protected]
  • Meets at lunch every RED Tuesday in room 371. Interact is a community service club and puts on a canned food drive and the Valentines Dance! Advisor is Becky Bonner 831-637-5831 ext. 371. Email address is [email protected]
  • Meets at lunch ____ in room ___. Advisor is Bill Johnson 831-637-5831 ext.243. Email address is [email protected]


  • El Joven Noble and Xinachtli are a comprehensive indigenous based youth leadership development programs that support and guide young men and women though their “rites of passage” process while focusing on the prevention of substance abuse, teen pregnancy, relationship violence, gang violence, and school failure.


  • Meets every Tuesday at lunch in room 240. Key Club is a student-led organization, which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. Sample service projects include; Kinship Fundraiser, Relay 4 Life, Breakfast with Santa, Convalescent Home (Elderly) Visits, Unicef, etc. Motto: Caring - Our Way of Life. Advisor is Thien Vu-Nguyen 831-637-5831 ext. 456 email is [email protected]


  • Meets at lunch every other Monday in room 325. Link leaders are trained over the summer to work with Freshman and new students to our high school. We organize events throughout the school year, including Freshman Orientation and the Freshman Tailgate, to connect with our students to help make the transition to high school an easier one. Advisor is JoAnne Kaplansky 831-637-5831 ext. 174, her email address is [email protected]
  • Meets every Wednesday at lunch in room 232. L.O.V.E Club is a student-led organization, it is an awareness group aimed to end the stigmas against suicide and depression in teens. Advisor is Jaqueline Bautista email [email protected] 637-5831 ext. 122.


  • Meets ___ at ___ in room ____. The Advisor is Josh Radon 831-637-5831 ext.268, email address is [email protected]
  • Meets on Tuesdays, at Lunch in room 222. The Advisor is Mike Schurig 831-637-5831 ext.222, email address is [email protected]
  • Meets ___ at ___ in room ____. The Advisor is Kathy Picchi 831-637-5831 ext.479, email address is [email protected]
  • Meets on Fridays at lunch in room 326. It is designed to promote positive,awareness of latino culture at San Benito High School. Advisor is Mr. Vincente Ramirez 831-637-5831 ext. 326, email [email protected]


  • Meets on Wednesday at lunch in room 240. It is designed to promote positive, responsible environmental stewardship, to enhance academic achievement, and to teach hands-on professional development skills in the fields of Earth Science and Environmental Science. These goals are achieved by student participation in a series of Saturday morning clean-up events and field trips on the local stretch of the San Benito River, the source of our community’s drinking water. Advisors are Don Gauvreau 831-637-5831 ext. 240, email [email protected]


  • Students enrolled will participate and support the annual Gifted Games as well as provide opportunities for other Special Education students within Hollister and Gilroy schools to participate. Pathways makes and sells Baler Biscuits. Advisor is Tania Sauer 831-637-5831 ext. 274 email address is [email protected]
  • Meets Thursdays at lunch in room 371. Advisor is Becky Bonner-Leland 831-637-5831 ext. 371 email address is [email protected]


  • Meets every Wednesday at lunch in room 233. The Rally Club is open to any student who wants to support all of the Spirit Activities at San Benito High School. These Activities include Homecoming, Night Rally, Spirit Train and many more. The main Fundraiser for Rally Club is the Homecoming Dance which funds the many Spirit and Sport Activities. The Advisor is Lane Bacchi 831-673-5831 ext. 463 and his email address is [email protected]
  • Meets ____ at ____ in room _____ Advisor is Tania Sauer 831-637-5831 ext. 274 email address is [email protected]
  • The Red Cross Club is made up of community minded students that run two blood drives for the Red Cross during the school year. They also participate in all school activities such as parades and BLTs and meets every white day Thursday in room 244. The Advisor is Katherine Foster 831-673-5831 etx. 244 and her email address is [email protected]
  • Come join our Latin dance team as we move to Latin rhythms with joy and passion after school on Fridays in the Dance Room 344. Everyone is welcome and no dancing experience is necessary. Advisor is Melissa Peeters email address is [email protected].
  • Meets every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday AFTER SCHOOL, and Thursdays at LUNCH in room 456 during off-season. During the competition season (January-February) we will meet everyday after school and select Saturdays and Sundays. Members will build a robot in 7 weeks and compete with schools all over the Bay Area to complete 3 tasks. Members will divide into different specialized areas: fabrication, programming, electronics, public relations/finance, and design. Advisor is Thien Vu-Nguyen 831-637-5831 ext. 456 email is [email protected]


  • The Scarlet Regiment Band is the premier competitive for the school and representative of San Benito county. Membership entitles each member to sustained focused instruction in the areas of musical instrument performance, (both in popular and competitve music, (marching and visual design). The club also doubles as a lab for the band class that is in the school schedule. Membership from outside the class is by audition only. Meetings (rehearsals) are every Tuesday & Thursday night from 6pm - 9pm in the band room. The advisor/director is Mr. Fortino 831-637-5831 ext. 211 or email [email protected]
  • Meets _____ at _____ in room _____ The advisor are Laurie Chavez 831-637-5831 ext. 323 email address is [email protected] John Fisher 831-637-5831 ext. 360 email address is [email protected]
  • Meets Thursdays at lunch in room 395. Push yourself to the limit and work with a team, racing and volunteering at Spartan Events. The advisor is Shaelynn Walker 831-637-5831 ext. 395 email address is [email protected]
  • Is intended to foster student discussion regarding the important issues of our world. The students engage in lively debates about controversial topics and give speeches expressing their opinions of various ideas. We discuss ideas about argumentation, logic and rhetoric to facilitate higher-level thinking and informed discussion. Guest speakers from the community, such as lawyers and businessmen, contribute to the discussion. The club is open to all students and can be a tremendous boon to their intellectual capacity. Advisor is Chris Lasley 831-637-5831 ext. 364, email address is [email protected]
  • Meets every red Monday during lunch in room 327 Advisor is Danielle Cote phone 831-637-5831 ext 327 email [email protected].
  • Meets every Wednesday @ lunch in Room 458 (Mr. Pang's Room). STEM Club is dedicated to fostering interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through community outreach, field trips, and social awareness. The STEM Club exists to provide opportunities and access to STEM education to all students at San Benito High School, with a special focus on presenting underrepresented minorities with possible STEM education and career pathways. Advisor is Ben Pang (831)-637-5831 ext. 458 or email [email protected]
  • See ASB & Class Officers section above for more information.


  • Meets Wednesdays at lunch in room 372, Promotes local, national and international travel to enhance cultural understanding, encourage global awareness and cultivate tolerance of diversity among our students. Activities include Cultural Festivals around the area, Japan Town and China Town visits, museums, opera and other outings. The Travel Club also offers local excursions that provide rich, cultural experiences for our student citizens of the world. Advisor is Andrea Walton 831-637-5831 ext. 372, email address is [email protected]


  • Velocity is a dance club that has been delighting SBHS campus for two years. It gives students the opportunity to choreograph, rehearse, and practice with their team members in preparation for various events on campus. These dancers enjoy performing at rallies, dance concerts, Air Jams, and any other performance opportunity. The goals of the club are increasing self-confidence, dance skills, and enjoying new friendships through the art of dance. Advisor is Michelle Nelson, 831-637-5831 ext478, email address is [email protected]


  • Meets Wednesday/Fridays At Lunch in room 268. Advisor is Josh Radon 831-637-5831 ext. 268, email address is [email protected]